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The SPEDTex Resource Locator is your gateway to special education resources. From accommodations to transition and everything in between, the SPEDTex Resource Locator lets you tailor your search by topic, audience, language and type. Simply select an option below to begin your search.


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10 Pasos Básicos del Proceso de Educación EspecialParentSpanishOnline Resource
10 Related Services Parents May Not Know aboutParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
10 Ways to Be an Effective Advocate for Your Child at SchoolParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
10 servicios relacionados que los padres podrian desconocerParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
20 Ways to Adapt the Science LabParentEnglishOnline Resource
25 Tips for Effective IEP MeetingsParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
25 consejos sobre las reuniones de IEP efectivasParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
4 Actions to Improve Your Child's Experience With Online LearningParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
4 Actions to Support Students With Disabilities and Their Families EducatorEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
5 Elements of Successful AdvocacyParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
5 Steps to Becoming Your Child's Best AdvocateParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
5 elementos de la defensoria exitosaParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
5 pasos para convertirse en el mejor defensor de su hijoParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
7 Assessment Tools to Identify StrengthsParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
7 Communication Tips for Building Strong PartnershipsParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
7 herramientas de evaluacion para identificar fortalezasParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
72 Accommodations That Can Help Students with ADHDParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
72 adaptaciones que pueden ayudar a los estudiantes con ADHDParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
?Que es la Tecnologia de Asistencia?ParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
?Que es la Tecnologia de Asistencia?ParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
A Few Good Words Using Core Vocabulary to Support Nonverbal StudentsParentEnglishOnline Resource
A Tale of Two Conversations (Communication Skills)EducatorEnglishTraining
A Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students with DisabilitiesParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
ARD Committee Decision Making ProcessParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
ARD Meeting Prep SheetParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
ARD Process (English)ParentEnglishVideo
ARD Process (Spanish)ParentSpanishVideo
Abreviaciones y acronimosParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Accessible Instructional MaterialsParentEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodation Resources - State of Texas Assessment ProgramParentEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations & ModificationsParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Accommodations Central - Education Service Center 13ParentEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations Central - Find the Right Accommodation for Your StudentParentEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations Central Find the Right Accommodation for Your StudentEducatorEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations Central Find the Right Accommodation for Your StudentParentEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations Central: Learning LibraryEducatorEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: FAQsParentEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations for Students with LDParentEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations, Techniques, Aids for LearningEducatorEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations, Techniques, Aids for LearningParentEnglishOnline Resource
Accommodations: What They Are and How They WorkParentEnglishOnline Resource
Acknowledging Children's Positive BehaviorEducatorEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Acknowledging Children's Positive BehaviorParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Acomodaciones y ModificacionesParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Acronyms and AbbreviationsParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Actividades Cotidianas de Niños y FamiliasParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Adapt the Science LabEducatorEnglishOnline Resource
Advocating for Your ChildParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
Amending an IEP without a MeetingParentEnglishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
AsertividadParentSpanishGuide/Brochure/Fact Sheet
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